Pangu iOS 8 Jailbreak Coming Soon

week ago, the jailbreak Team was stunned by the release of a brand the new jailbreak tweaks for iOS 7.1-7.1.1. Called Pangu, the utility works well and supports all but the oldest of the IOS devices.

about 6-8 weeks, we can expect IOS 8 to be released and all thoughts then will turn to a jailbreak for the new firmware. However, one developer is already hinting that he has a jailbreak for betas 1 and 2 of iOS 8 already.
The developer is BlackGeek, the man behind the tethered Geeksn0w  jailbreak utility for IOS 7.1.1 and he claims his jailbreak is based on Pangu. Hoe hasn’t made it clear if he has actually successfully jailbroken the betas yet nor has he given us any clue as to when the tool will be released. He did say that he needs to get permission from the Chinese developers behind Pangu first though.
According to the developer, the exploit he used for his utility is the same one used by the Pangu team although he hasn’t copied his jailbreak from the original source. He has however modified Pangu’s resources for use within the utility.


like a rule, hackers don’t tend to release jailbreaks for beta software. This is because a jailbreak utility will highlight the exploit or exploits used, thus giving Apple every opportunity to patch them during the beta testing phase. However, because Pangu has already been released, thus exposing the exploit, it would not matter if another utility were released on top of it.
According to Stefan Esser, aka i0n1c, Apple has not patched any of the exploits used just yet although iOS 8 beta 3 is expected any day now. Pangu has already been updated to v1.1.0, to include iOS 7.1.2, using different exploits so it may be that this changes BlackGeek’s decision somewhat.
On a side note, i0n1c had already showed off his untethered jailbreak, CyberElevator, in a video posted to YouTube but, instead of releasing it, he used it to advertise his security workshops. It has now come to light that Pangu jailbreak was, in fact, built using an exploit revealed by i0n1c at one of these workshops, a fact that he was not happy about. There is also talk of Pangu themselves releasing an iOS 8 beta jailbreak, provided it does not use up any more exploits in the making.
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